New Notes & Noises is a brand new charity dedicated to supporting the highest quality performances of new work and multi-disciplinary collaboration.

New Notes & Noises was established in 2016 by Clare McCaldin. For some time, Clare has devised and performed new lyric theatre work, either as a soloist or as part of her eponymous production company, McCaldin Arts.

Clare has now decided to develop this work by expanding the scope and ambition of her productions. However, she has discovered that such progress, whether for herself or other small-scale producer-performers, necessitates a different model of production platform.

New Notes & Noises is the response to this need. It is designed to provide a strong artistic and practical framework for developing and producing small scale lyric theatre today. It is particularly for artists who can no longer call on the platforms, support funds and profile-establishing schemes available to career beginners . New Notes & Noises is a charitable body in which Clare shares responsibility with a board of trustees for adopting work to produce and for generating the funding support for its development and production.

Today’s lyric theatre has a great deal of potential. Traditional generic segregation is falling away. Technology makes the possibility of multi-disciplinary collaboration an exciting practical reality even at a small scale.

What does not change is the expense and practical demands of even the most modest ideas. New Notes & Noises is an attempt to create a new framework model. Its purpose is to provide a more substantial platform for the creative individual or small team, whilst recognising the practical limitations of that group and their access to funding. The charitable framework of New Notes & Noises provides both support and accountability in equal measure. It is a carefully staircased structure of artistic and practical support for the developing artist to realise their ambition and potential, and is intended to provide a welcome stepping stone on the tricky path of artistic-entrepreneurial growth.