The Ubiquitous Woman

(This page updated 7 December 2017)

Inspired by Marcel Ayme’s Les Sabines, The Ubiquitous Woman, is a new multi-media music theatre work for four singers, two instruments and treated sound with music by award-winning composer Martin Ward and libretto by acclaimed writer and director Di Sherlock.

It tells the story of Natalie, whose ability to clone other selves at will spirals out of control as her clones start to pursue their own relationships and agendas in a parallel digital world. Witty, forthright and topical, The Ubiquitous Woman uses video and digital art to explore the limitless possibilities of re-inventing yourself online and exposes human nature in its rawest, most vulnerable form. What is the cost of satisfaction? Are we fearful of being left behind by both technology and love?

We present a modern Cautionary Tale which offers three different solutions:

Natalie, able to clone herself at will, opts for security – a temporary clone allows her to indulge while keeping home life safe – when she’s done she reincorporates. No commitment, no risk.

Rogue Clone Tara commits to old-style passion as a gesture of freedom, but with Jasper – Tinder playboy and Conceptual Artist – she nosedives into codependence and misery.

Pandora – a younger Clone – opts to control love. Multiple online clones are avatars, bringing the thrill of an addictive VR high and a parallel world in which to re-negotiate relationships.


Designer Andie Scott is currently working with the team and our digital creative team member will be joining us soon. You can also read about the progress of The Ubiquitous Woman in a series of updates under the News menu tab.

If you would like to get involved with The Ubiquitous Woman, either as a sponsor or with a different kind of support, please get in touch with us at newnotesandnoises [at] gmail [dot] com.